about us

se7atna Network : It is an electronic platform, at its inception, that provides reliable Arabic content on the Internet, and provides the reader with reliable information about everything that interests him, he searches for it.

We seek, in the se7atna platform , to create an organized Arabic encyclopedia, according to high-quality indexing and organization, to publish in the se7atna network everything that matters to the Arab browser, articles in various fields in the Arabic language, free of linguistic and grammatical errors, and from reliable sources and without any distortion. We do a comprehensive audit of the article in order to You make sure that it is free of errors, and in order to provide 100% correct and true content and information, we rely on comprehensive scientific research and translation of articles from various languages ​​to provide you with useful and accurate content.

Website content

In the se7atna network, we depend on the participation of members in creating content and publishing articles, according to a clear policy that is far from fabrication and forgery. It is not allowed in the se7atna to publish political topics, or topics of violence, that would contribute to extremism and racism. See the se7atna platform rules.

What we offer to the reader

Crispy, healthy and delicious articles, and is there anything more delicious than information you can take from an expert who summarizes your experiences for you? Our articles interact with readers' tastes, occasions and events around them. In an se7atna platform, you can find information in a nice article or a beautiful drawing, and if you are busy, we have great audio content as well!

What we offer to the writer

A beautiful opportunity in a distinguished community of wonderful writers who take the initiative to share their experiences with others. The se7atna team makes its time and effort to make your articles appear in the most beautiful way. All you have to do is provide valuable content to the readers, and leave the rest to us. We are professionals in proofreading and coordinating articles.

The se7atna site also offers an opportunity to earn money for writers through my unique earnings system for self-employment.

Do not be surprised when he writes an article, and you receive a comment from a person, telling you how your article changed his life. There are those who need your expertise, no matter how small!, So we launched the se7atna Network platform, to collect these small experiences, and build an integrated platform with it, “In the edifice it is built brick by brick”, when we share our experiences; We will know for sure that whoever comes after us will not start from scratch.

What we offer to the advertiser in the se7atna 

We have several ways to improve your brand's visibility on the Internet, and also help you connect with more potential customers. Take a look at the Announcements page to choose the right package.